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Gallery Gabrovsky has the ambition to offer a systematic graphic catalog of already established and young artists working in different areas of graphics, both technologically and in the format. This exhibition presents a wide variety of different classical and modern printing techniques like: digital printing, lithography, etching, dry point, mezzotint, aquatint. The aim is to promote, not so well known among the wider public, fine graphic art. For those who are now acquainted with him, to offer short descriptions of the most popular graphic techniques, for connoisseurs - a collection of quality original prints, but for artists- a place where to unite, receives and exchange information.
Offer you updated information with selected listings of open calls for festivals, competitions, exhibitions, project opportunities, news about art initiatives, events and many more. On the gallery pages compiled publications on various topics from the world of art, from different art critics. In "Applied graphics" you can find authors who have successfully realized and established also in the field of applied arts and graphic design. Our site offers creating of artistic illustration and book design, trademark, copyright signs, labels, your company logo. In this section you can see already completed projects. All of the artworks are accompanied by .Certificate for originality. from the gallery or personally by the author (if available). We believe that any open modern man realizes and shall weigh the importance of online marketing and believes in its future development. It will be privilege and pleasure to presents quality and valuable art products. So we always open to working with new authors. For questions, please contact us by:

Tel: +359 888 625 712
Skype: gallery_gabrovsky